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Audiences agree that Janet's programs are...


…in the quality of what you see and hear, onstage and off.

Upbeat & Positive

…with a focus on celebration – of a season, a musical genre, an era or an idea. Janet’s mission is to leave you smiling!


Onstage and off, Janet makes sure to foster the warm, personal connections that come from sharing music together.

Innovative & Educational

As an educator and actress as well as a singer, Janet ensures that her programs tell a story, pique your interest, add to your knowledge and heighten your musical experience.

Varied, yet Familiar

Janet mixes things up – using varying song styles, instruments, stories, and the like – but most of her programs are grounded in the familiar melodies of the Great American Songbook.


Janet invites audiences to get involved in her programs, whether through sing-alongs, trivia contests or otherwise, which is fun… and healthy!

High Energy

Janet’s programs are energizing, and energy is contagious!